STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Skirts for Guys? I Think So..

If you were a guy would you wear a skirt? We all know Marc Jacobs fancies a skirt here and there but today's Fashionisto also takes inspiration from the typical female skirt silhouette with his fashion risk. It takes a certain trendsetter to exude enough confidence when wearing such an atypical look but I give tremendous credit to the featured stud who wore his look fearlessly.

Now I know it isn’t likely for the average college male to slip on his girlfriends skirt just to be labeled a Fashionisto, but taking a fashion risk can be learned from today's look. Just as us Fashionistas dabble in menswear-inspired clothing, doesn't mean men can't take notice from certain pieces we wear. Try tighter skinny jeans or a man bag to get in touch with your feminine side.

Style Advice this Week- Risk it all and let your boyfriend/girlfriend inspire your wardrobe.

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