It's reading week. You know what that means! Stressed, crazed overachievers scouring the campus for places to study and cry. During times like these, when class notes and textbooks seem to be your only friends, it's important to dress casually and comfortably without forfeiting total presentability. I spotted this Fashionista donning a cozy oversized BCBG sweater to shield her from uncharacteristically chilly winds and characteristically chilling study sessions.

Her large cream-colored sweater, fuzzy and puffy, is paired down by her tight black American Apparel dress. Beneath her midnight sleeve, she wears transparent minutely fishnetted stockings. The tight elements of her ensemble, namely her tights and her dress, are juxtaposed by the looser fitting pieces she selects. Her Steve Madden booties, which flare as they envelope her ankles, perfectly accentuate her streamlined leg wear.

The most fabulous and topical element in this Fashionista’s ensemble, however, is her Alexander McQueen scarf.  The black garment, decorated with white skulls, is slightly morbid but tastefully so. A scarf, no matter the pattern, is the perfect accessory to spice up a look. The accessory provides warmth on abnormally cold spring mornings and adds an eclectic layer to an outfit.

Take a cue from this Fashionista in the dismal finals season and pair a tight, simple garment with a slouchy, comfortable one. When in doubt, add a scarf into the mix for insulation and inspiration. Hitting the books hard is notably easier when you feel fabulous and comfortable all the same.


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