STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Slithering Accessories

We have seen a great deal of animal prints on the runways through out the last couple seasons including cheetah, snakeskin, leopard etc, but what we have not seen are actual snakes. Most of us are terrified of snakes and we would never dream of having one wrapped around our neck, or even our wrist. The thought of snakes freak me out. However, when I spotted this Fashionista on campus I thought her necklace and bracelet were fabulous and my fear of snakes magically went away. In a strange, but amazing way, these slithering snakes added a certain type of elegance to this Fashionista’s outfit.

Snakes represent dual expression of both good and evil. They are one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols and they are known for warding off evil. This popular, yet terrifying, creature is now making their way back onto the fashion runways. Some ways you can add this mythological creature into your everyday wardrobe is by wearing this ring. This necklace is simple, but makes a statement and can go with anything. The new Anna Della Russo collaboration at H&M features many snake pieces that are fun and can spruce up any outfit.

Although live snakes might give us the creeps don’t forget they represent power, femininity and date all the way back to Cleopatra (who had great fashion). The slithering serpents are huge for fall so go out and incorporate this powerful creature into your outfit today.

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