A gentleman in sneakers is not exactly a scarce sighting on college campuses. However, the tennis shoe worn tastefully stands out as a refreshing rarity among the drab parade of gym shoes paired with dull denim. With such vast varieties and limitless potential, the men’s sneaker ought to be given a second look this season.

This Fashionisto creates casual comfort without resorting to the unsightly sweatshirt or dingy denim. Pairing together simple fall staples in contrasting colors, this Fashionisto illustrates that attractive apparel can, in fact, be effortless. His deep burgundy sweater with subtle, gold stitching, layered against a solid, royal blue tee combines warm and cool palettes without committing a harsh clash. Discerningly paired with stone gray slacks, this Fashionisto’s simple sneakers seal the deal on a dapper ensemble.

This Fashionisto’s gently distressed shoe selection ties together a tasteful collection of autumn essentials. Demonstrating that unlike hues and contrasting cuts can coincide, this Fashionisto's look achieves aesthetic appeal for an academic setting without appearing to be overdressed.

If you want to sophisticate your sneaker collection like this Fashionisto, stroll through, '80s Purple, and J.Crew's shoe collections.

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