My fixation with hand bags has cultivated tremendously over the years. I love to match my bag with my outfit. Handbags really make or break your outfit, but can add just the right amount of “pop” if worn right.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus and was immediately drawn to her because of her school bag. Usually around campus, I see a lot of Longchamps, Tory Burch bags, and Lesportsac. Although those bags are trendy, and extremely versatile, it’s nice to see a unique bag in the mix.  Your school bag should be something you can use everyday, and something that can be easy transformed based on your outfit.

In my opinion, there is no bag more superior for winter than this one. It features long drop straps and zippers inside. The material is faux leather with shag knit fabric on the front. The bag abides by the color block trend, with a neutral on top and black on the bottom. Color block is all the rage this season.  Marc Jacobs had his models in head to toe vibrant color blocking on the runway just last month.

I really liked how she paired it with an anorak jacket and leather boots, but I think it would also look cute with an all black leather look. 
When looking for school bag, you don’t need to splurge. This bag was only $50 from Nordstrom! I have also found really cute satchels and totes in local boutiques for under $40. Keep any eye out, occasionally you can find trendy bags in unintentional places!

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As the snow endlessly hits Binghamton, it’s hard to imagine wanting to wear anything else but sweatpants and a sweatshirt. However, somehow I find myself searching for an outfit I can feel remotely good in as I trek to campus for class.

This Fashionista had the right outfit idea when she paired a faux fur vest with leggings. The fur vest is one of the hottest items of the season, and as well as looking chic- it’s extremely comfortable. By pairing the vest with a big scarf and worn in boots like this Fashionista did, you can study in the library feeling relaxed and put together.

While a fur vest can seem an expensive buy at first, it is possible to find one that works with a college budget. BB Dakota offers a variety of fur vest styles so you can pick and choose what works best for you. Also, unlike other designers, BB Dakota’s prices are almost always sold at under $100.

Besides fur vests, big cozy fur jackets can be helpful in spicing up your winter wardrobe. Free People offers a fur jacket inspired by the movie Almost Famous– and who wouldn’t want to feel like Penny Lane once in awhile? Even if your outfit underneath the jacket isn’t cute, throwing it on while running errands will give the illusion it is.

Next time you’re searching for what to wear on those snowy days, wearing a fur vest may be out of your comfort zone- but it’s worth a try.

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