STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Snow Day Sophistication

This blue-eyed, bright blonde Fashionista couldn't help but grab my attention through the thick fog and light snow flurries on campus. During these mid-20 degree days, it takes a bit more effort to stay comfortable, cozy and completely cute. What I am most fond of is the different attributes that play into the completion of your cold-weather ensembles. For instance, summer and spring days require minimal effort when you're presented with the luxury of throwing on your favorite floral dress and simple metallic kicks – but, as soon as winter rolls around, it's all about laying and covering every inch of skin.

Starting with the top, the hat is quite the little helper within the accessory department. Not only does it keep the heat within our heads, but it provides a little relief from the "bad hair days" this weather encourages. This Fashionista rocks a Krochet Kids knit-cap, so not only does she look absolutely adorable, but she's changing lives doing it. Her oversized sweater is a foolproof way to be cozy through the daily hustle and bustle every Fashionista/o experiences. This Willow & Clay asymmetrical sweater shown here, is actually very similar to the one modeled, but for a more affordable version, Forever 21 has plenty of replicas for a college budget.

It is obvious here that her over-the-knee boots instantly gave her simple school look an edge of sophistication and sass. This semi-scandalous footwear fad is one that can be seen from the runways to your very own campus, putting our former flame of mid-calf boots to shame. By pairing these with tonal tights, skinny jeans, leggings, or oversized tunics and sweaters, it's easy to transform the trend from Pretty Woman risky to acceptably sexy.

My advice for the week is to ditch your favorite pair of last season's boots and take a risk with over-the-knee, grab your favorite oversized sweater and drag yourself to class in style. Copy this Fashionista's long-sleeved gloves trend and pull out that short-sleeved jacket you never thought would be wearable this season – the excess material of the gloves is a sure way of keeping your arms warm and looking fancy.

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