Houndstooth is always a go-to pattern for winter. With the way it stands out juxtaposed against red and orange fall leaves or crisp white snow, it’s sure to stop busy students in their tracks. The day I spotted this Fashionista walking through campus wearing an ensemble that looked warm, inviting and ideal for cloudy days, I knew I had to catch a picture of her. After chasing her down and getting a closer look, I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of her houndstooth coat and cold weather accessories.

The major aspect of this outfit that jumped out at me was the flawless outerwear. Like I discussed in an earlier post, houndstooth is a versatile print that can take any look to the next level. Marc by Marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani are just two of the many designer collections that showcased houndstooth trends for fall 2012. This neutral pattern comes in handy when it comes to matching your already vibrant wardrobe. It’s adaptable vibe makes it look amazing paired with almost every hue. Royal blues, cherry reds, Kelly greens or bright violets are just a few of the colors that I would couple with this print in a heartbeat. Houndstooth isn’t a print that can only be worn with like colors, take risks and spice it up. Adding other shades is easy and appropriate.

On top of her lovely coat, the winter ornaments added to her ensemble were just as trendy. Beanie hats keep you toasty for brisk weather while adding some texture and detail to your ensemble. Topshop and Forever 21 stock snowy weather wear that you can pair with any look. Infinity scarves, fingerless gloves and snug beanies are outfit assistants that keep you cozy and comfortable. So next time the cold weather comes out and you’re not staying in, take some tips from this on-point Fashionista. Look haute in houndstooth and add even more flare with winter accessories. Your look is sure to by a snowy day success.

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