During the past few weeks at Kent State, the winter weather has been nearly unbearable with large amounts of fallen snow and single digit temperatures. While walking around campus, looking stylish becomes very challenging and staying warm, if possible, seems to take priority.

When I saw this Fashionista walking to class, I thought she did a commendable job at staying bundled up for warmth, yet still looked put together and unique. Boots are an absolute necessity during this time of year and the charcoal knee-high pair this Fashionista chose was a great choice. Though these may not be the warmest boots for walking through feet of snow, the Fashionista did not give into the typical UGG boot style of winter.

The piece that really caught my eye of this entire outfit was the wool shawl snood that she wore over her sweatshirt to be unique and maintain comfort. Even though her outfit is mostly combined basics, she uses stand out items such as her boots and shawl to separate herself from the norms of winter fashion. Her matching hat and scarf add another color to contrast the majority of grays in the outfit.

Try adding this mohair snood from Bird by Juicy Couture for a cute and cozy outfit!

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