Just in time for spring break, I found this Fashionista rocking a somewhat nautical look. The blue and white-stripped shirt combined with jeans and Sperry’s projects a preppy sailing vibe. I liked this outfit so much because it is so simple. Almost every human being on Miami’s campus owns a pair of boat shoes including guys, girls, and I have even seen teachers rocking these shoes. They pretty much go with any outfit, and this week’s Fashionista is no different. Furthermore, stripes in all colors have been very common. Especially stripes in blue and white are very “high-society-lets-go-yachting.” They are relaxed, but still stylish. Coincidentally, Miami is commonly referred to as, “J.Crew U” so this Fashionista is living up to Miami’s reputation. Additionally, I noticed this Fashionista’s hairstyle. She had her hair in a bun but had twisted a piece of her hair back into the bun. I love this. Similarly with adding a French braid to a hairstyle, this twist is a bohemian touch to this outfit.

Although not exactly the same representation, spring 2012 paid tribute to the ongoing stripe theme. Designers such as Mara Hoffman, rag & bone, and Band of Outsiders played into the ‘blanket stripe’ theme. In other words, these designers in their respective collections, displayed stripes in sweaters, jackets and capes. Especially, for Band of Outsiders using stripes this way, made for a unexpected color blocking. It is also interesting that rag & bone and Band of Outsiders were also finalists in Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Program. rag & bone in 2006 and Band of Outsiders in 2007. Maybe they are on the same wavelength in terms of inspiration?

Even though the weather is not exactly spring break status, pair your stripped shirt with some boat shoes for a preppy look!

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