I’ve been dreadfully preparing for it and the week forecast for Binghamton is, rain. Its easy to throw a good outfit aside vowing to wear it on a better day, but here’s the truth, there may not be that many better days. So, Fashionista’s break out your favorite sunglasses and fall looks while the weather allows because it’s not looking too promising.

This Fashionista rocks her favorite fall weather items on a beautiful day out in Binghamton. A free people blouse, a light yellow color, is simple but has delicate flower detailing on the back. Matching it with her favorite black boots from Bloomingdales, she felt comfortable and stylish out and about catching the last leftover rays of summer.

My favorite part of the outfit was her elephant printed scarf. I swear it’s like every great accessory is from another Country these days. When asking where she got this fabulous item she said her mom had picked it up for her in Thailand. Once again, I clearly will have to search far and wide for a similar one because visiting Thailand is not happening. While the elephants may be bringing this Fashionista good luck, it sure isn’t doing much for the weather.

Once again, I can’t stress how much a scarf can do for an outfit. This scarf completely caught my eye and when putting together an outfit together it can be the crucial accessory. Sir Allister Rai has a variety of funky scarves that always do the trick for me, and people always ask where I got them. It’s nice to be noticed for fashion accomplishments these days!

I also loved how this Fashionista paired a plain black watch with small little bracelets to give it an extra “oomph.” She told me she had got most of them on her trip to Israel this summer. Small bracelets and pieces of jewelry that tell a story are always the best accessories because you always feel good about wearing them.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of that little voice in your head saying: “do I want to save this outfit for a better day?” But beware, you might as well soak up the sun in your best outfits while you can, because Binghamton weather doesn’t leave a lot of room for better days.

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