The summer begins to dwindle down as August emerges. It’s about hitting the beach before the sun goes down and having pool side shin digs before the sun comes up one last time. It seemed like only yesterday that June had just begun. We saw chambray galore, floral frenzy, and a loose Tee wouldn’t do us any harm. One thing to look forward to before it all comes to an end is planning for back to school shopping. After all fall is that time of the year where the stylish hit the boutiques, department stores and thrifts to find the pieces to show off to fellow peers. Something to keep note of is an accessory not a far cry from your drawers, Socks! It’s all about layering and remixing the private school girl staple to something fun and corky. This Fashionista debuting my favorite early smartly pairs her printed dress with color block knee highs and patent leather oxfords. She looks dapper yet whimsical and obviously on the go with her hands full she still has a moment to shine and look chic. Socks have obviously come in a variety since the beginning of time but let’s try to avoid the usual white you wear with your shoes on a hike at Runyon Canyon. Find a pair with texture and great detail something with a ruffle, stripes, sheerness, length, and color. The best footwear is a great oxford, mary janes, and even exposing some fabrc with boots. Either way try to make sure which ever one you choose it looks sleek and simple with a clean cut finish. Well when classes are rolling by and anyone gives you trouble just sock it to em!

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