As a little girl, I recall being forced to wear high socks with bows on the sides. Growing up, I equated high socks with loser-dom. If you wanted to maintain your cool status, your socks did not go above your ankle. Today, the high sock has made a complete 180, and much to my chagrin as an adolescent, has attained a distinctive level of cool.

I immediately noticed the sock and sneaker duo as this Fashionista passed me on the street. When she informed me that the canvas sneaks are from Urban Outfitters, I, no lie, made a b-line for the store (conveniently a block away from where I spotted her). The Pendelton-inspired, Aztec-like print of the shoes is far from demure; the shoes are the loudest part of the outfit. With muted blue, yellow and pink hues, the sneakers go perfectly with her plain baby blue high socks.

It’s easy to forget that socks can make a pair of great shoes pop just that much more. Socks are a fantastic accent to any pair of shoes in your collection. Whether you’re strutting in boots, heels, oxfords, or flats, socks that are visible will keep you looking so á la mode.

Hint: Look for socks that you can wear with any style of shoe. If you can scrunch them up (like our Fashionista), roll them down or wear them long, you can make a pair of great socks look different with each shoe you own.

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