STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated Colors

Often times it is a little difficult to dress up in interview or business attire without feeling like your style has gone out the window. There are many basics that are just accepted as what you’re supposed to wear to an interview and a lot of the time it’s a bit intimidating to try to add a little spunk to your interview outfit. This can all change if you add the right colors, the right accents and the right blazer.

A must-add to your wardrobe this season is a variety of sophisticated, beautiful, interesting colors. Black is always a must, but what happens when you want to be business casual and you're just not in the mood for black? This is your answer: look for darker hues of your favorite pants, skirts and dresses. You can pull this business casual look off by adding different colored accents and by pulling it all together with a blazer. This Fashionista embodies the sophisticated style, and makes it her own by adding a pair of hunter green pants, a brown belt and adorable wedge peep toe shoes, then, of course, a blazer.

It’s much easier to look great wearing all this than you think. If you’re a little concerned about how dressy it is, you can always add a simple collared shirt and you’ve taken the look to the next level. If you’re liking what this Fashionista is wearing, these pants from Urban Outfitters are certain to create the same look. If you have yet to own a basic brown belt you must get one, as it is a staple item in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. This particular one is a little more interesting because it’s braided. A basic black blazer is another great staple item, and H&M has a lot of great options. Lastly, if you like this Fashionista’s shoes, then you should check out these.

Is green not your color? That’s completely fine. You can always go for navy, burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, even purple. If you’re wearing mustard or orange, try making the accents black by wearing this belt and these shoes

With internship interviews fast approaching, you can try any of these looks. If you're applying for an internship in fashion, you can have even more liberty with your outfit. Either way, don't forget that when you're interviewing you always want to look sophisticated and well put together.

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