STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: #SororityGirlSolutions

We are currently in the midst of finals week at GWU and among all the no-makeup zombies clad in the same sweatshirt they had been wearing for the same three days straight (this includes myself, by the way), I encountered this well put together prepster strolling down Townhouse Row. She had just had her dance class final and wanted to stay comfy, but as a true Fashionista, it was important to still look fresh.

She threw on an easy pair of black leggings and a grey tank by Kain. Her Ralph Lauren white sweater complimented the neutral tone. To accentuate her look, she layered with her basic brown Barbour jacket, which she told me is a considerable staple for her pre-winter attire. She also donned a pair of black lace-up military boots by Steve Madden that she figured gave her outfit an edgy angle. Lastly, she accessorized with an oversized pair of Ray-Ban aviators.

With everyone on a one track mind from final to final, some feel that their personal style can be sacrificed for the sake of time. This Fashionista proves that it’s easy to look well put together with almost no effort. I guess I should probably change my own sweatshirt now.

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