It is pretty difficult to master that cool, cultured, laid-back, Middle Eastern look. Either you end up going overboard with a cotton shirt, harem pants and sandals, or you don't do enough by only wearing a light scarf around your neck. Once it is accomplished, however, a well-balanced Bohemian outfit can be amazing.

This Fashionista did just that. Her lightweight button-down dress and gold sandals are wonderfully cultured, without being over the top. Her silver pendants, however, epitomize the Bohemian look, and they put a great accent on the entire ensemble. The round disk is an Egyptian coin, and the other pendant is a religious inscription.

Express has some beautiful fall jewelry in, like this disc pendant necklace, which adds its own touch with some glamorous rhinestones. If you're really looking for that old, rustic look, these textured earrings really work. These intricate medallion earrings also give that Bohemian vibe.

Hint: If you're looking for something with a little more sentimental value, like what this Fashionista is pictured wearing, you can even take a coin into your local jewelry store. Most jewelry shops will customize your coin, drill a hole through it or add something to hook a chain through for around $40. A coin that you kept with you after visiting abroad this past summer would be ideal for such a necklace.

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