STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spice Up Your Life Nineties Style

For most of us CollegeFashionistas we didn’t get to partake in the full panoply of '90s fashion. Still in our single digits we were on the periphery of certain trends learning what we could from shows such as Beverly Hills: 90210 and Clueless, the subjects of which went well and truly over our heads and only now that we are older and wiser actually make sense! I longed to look like Cher with her knee high socks, plaid minis and matching vests, not to mention her cute little patent backpacks. However, my mother was my stylist and dressed me in neat pinafore dresses with detachable collars, pleated skirts and matching ensembles with my sister- I felt so uncool. I’ll never forget the day when I received a hand-me-down skirt from a friend. It was long and black with tiny little red flowers all over it that I happily paired with my black 2 inch heeled riding boots. Oh I felt so trendy, just like Neve Campbell in Party of Five! In retrospect this is not a look I would dare to resurrect these days, however it appears that designers such as Vena Cava and Alexander Wang would. The latter’s particular influence on the fashion set and high street style has resulted in a '90s comeback.

This week's Fashionista gets to experience the era entirely the second time round; with the benefit of hindsight forgoing trends best not revisited such as black riding boots! She casually slouches her oversized chambray shirt over her grey body-con dress teamed with white converse shoes- very Brenda Walsh or Kelly Taylor. Try not to be too literal in your interpretation of the trend. Best steer away from side pony-tails, overtly floral patterned skirts and "mum" jeans. Instead opt for something plain with hints of interest like Porter Grey’s grey chiffon skirt with blush inserts. Another popular trend of the time was wearing a sheer slip dress over a simple tee and mini skirt.

Opening Ceremony has reinterpreted this look by overlaying a short straight skirt with a gather of floor length chiffon. Midriffs dominated the fashion scene of the '90s, if you dare to bare then please make sure your tummy is in tip-top condition and balance the look with a high-waisted bottom. Only in fashion are you able to relive previous decades so make the most of the 90s before the Noughties come back around!

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