While walking around the crazy and lively streets of Madison, I tend to notice two types of people: super Fashionistas and Fashionistos who are decked out in their seriously stylish garb and people who are into nothing but being comfy in their loose fitting clothing and flip flops. Clearly, my heart belongs to the fashionable types, but with the lazy days of summer coming to an end, I can understand why people are clinging to every carefree piece of clothing they own. When I spotted this Fashionista though, I knew there could easily be a combination of cozy and chic for the remaining days of summer and well into the fall.

Sweatpants and a loose fitting T-shirt seem like a fashion no-no at first thought, but with flattering cuts and trendy fabrics and patterns, they can be completely cool. A pair of well-fitting sweatpants with interesting details like a fun waistband and a collegiate letter patch look anything but lazy when paired with a cute striped T-shirt. The cherry on top of this sundae of an outfit is in the accessories. A cute pair of ballet flats, a super girly, brightly colored purse, trendy sunglasses and all of your favorite jewelry finish this ensemble off in the coolest way.

Just because you want to be comfortable on your last days of summer and into your first days of fall and school, doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. Spice up your sweats and you’ll be the chicest and most comfortable Fashionista around.

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