Spring brings about a whole new dress code that gives you the opportunity to mix up winter and summer looks to create one fabulous ensemble. On the colder days that you want to still look springy, but have no choice but to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt, think about different materials you can wear to add a bit of spring to your look. Some great options are lace and chiffon, but another fabulous option is satin. You can go pretty far with satin, as there are all sorts of articles of clothing you can incorporate. Satin gives off a very sophisticated yet springy aura and can come in a multitude of colors.

This Fashionista models a satin satin shirt with simple black boots and black leggings. Her elegant look screams sophisticated, but adds a little more excitement because of the color. Though the day is gray and not the warmest, she manages to bring spring and winter together, creating a wonderful look which exemplifies early spring chic.

To get this look, you need to start simply with a pair of staple leggings and boots, then work from there. Satin accents are a great way to make your look more exciting. If you’re digging this Fashionista’s shirt, check out this one from Ralph Lauren. If a shirt is too daunting, you could always look into hair accessories, such as this bow, a belt which will go with anything or even a watch strap. If you want to dress up this look a little, you should definitely consider a cute pair of satin flats or heels. On a warmer day, if you really want to go all out in satin, check out these pants or these adorable shorts.

Enjoy spring while it lasts, Fashionistas. Before we know it we'll be dealing with the unbearable heat, so maybe a few cooler windy days right now aren't all that bad.

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