STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sprint Through Security

No matter how fabulous your spring break destination may be, there is nothing more stressful than staying effortlessly chic while pushing and shoving through airport crowds. I spotted this Fashionista just before she departed for DCA in a simple outfit that will make traveling a breeze. 

The ideal travel outfit is all about layering light pieces and keeping the color scheme very basic and minimal. This Fashionista kept her outfit extremely simple by pairing a lilac flowered tank with basic skinnies and black cardigan. Her glitter flats add a little bit of glam while the rest of her jewelry and accessories are minimal.

Planes are known for having intemperate climates so the higher the number of layers you wear the more comfortable you are going to be. J.Crew is known for their chic basics and is the perfect place to build a stylish travel outfit — start with the Sunlit Sequin Tank in neon peach and add the Jackie cardigan in either navy or black. Have fun and experiment with fun patterns when choosing your tank top because when you first make it to your sunny destination, it’ll be the center of your outfit while the cardigan will be tucked away in your travel tote. If you’re like me and always are cold on the plane, add a Linen Wrap in citrus lime for a fun punch of color.

Accessorize with minimal jewelry so that there are no delays during the security portion of your trip, J.Crew’s Crystal Starlet Earrings are simple and will go with all suits, bathing or ski. This Fashionista’s Michael Kors tote is perfect for travel and the beach because of its convenient size while the nylon material will keep sand out of all your belongings.

Perfect your spring break packing with a Kindle and lots of sunscreen and your ready for an action-packed and relaxing vacation.

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