Let’s start with the basics. shall we? This Fashionista started off with an oversized white shirt and black pants, the perfect start to a fabulous look because it leaves a ton of room to accessorize and add color.

I personally love glasses; not only do they look so sophisticated, but black-rim frames are very in right now. Next, this forest green jacket adds color to the outfit. Spring is just around the corner, so it would be more than OK to throw on an orange or even a floral print jacket as well. Next to the jacket, you can spot a shoulder bag. This particular bag is black leather with silver studs and a ton of fringe. I’m also obsessed with the oxford flats this Fashionista is wearing. Oxfords are an emerging trend right now and whether they’re a neutral color such as the ones worn here or leopard print, they’re great for a day filled with walking.  

I always say accessories make an outfit because they're like the icing on a cake. The long, simple gold necklace draping from this Fashionista’s neck is just the right length for the cut of the shirt. I always feel like a necklace should either be long or right near the cut of a shirt, but never in the middle. You can see a lot of rings on this Fashionista’s fingers, and as I always say, the more the merrier. As long as accessories have a common characteristic that tie them together, there’s no such thing as too many. All of these rings are silver and antique-like, and blend perfectly with the overall look of the outfit.

Don’t ever be afraid to start an outfit with a simple white tee and black pants. From accessories to jewelry to shoes, there are so many things you can do to a look to completely change it around.

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