Many of us are ill-prepared to carry our Fashionista-dom into the winter months. Dresses and skirts are great when the sun is around, but when the temperature drops below freezing, we are forced to add layers upon layers of dense fabrics to our normal campus wear. Let’s be honest, heavy coats and sturdy boots are anything but pretty.

Some Fashionistas take strides to lessen the bulk by finding fitted colorful coats or opting for patterned tights instead of sweatpants. This Fashionista stood out in her own way by adding a feminine scarf and some serious hand bling to her otherwise neutral outfit.

In addition to her chunky gold bracelets, this Fashionista was hiding a freshly painted manicure beneath her winter gloves. Nail art is all the rage this season and I just love the way her polish pops next to the warm golden hues of her bracelets. Jewelry and manicures are compatible in any sort of weather and are great ways to add some girly flavor to wool coats and snow boots this winter.

It is easy to forget that we peel back several of our winter layers once we step into the classroom or workplace. Some fashion is inevitably lost due to the snow, but adding accessories like colorful jewelry, patterned scarves and stylish gloves allows us to maintain our style and individuality when we hit the streets during winter months.

Bitterly cold temperatures, heavy snow and freezing wind chills are guaranteed during Midwest winters. Just remember to stay classy and find ways to stand out underneath all that clothing.

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