In the midst of Denver Fashion Weekend this Fashionista was spotted in a striped blazer and little black dress. Standing out amongst the crowd with her horizontal black and white stripes, she was ready to view the make-up show and Denver boutique runway presentation by Goldyn, Sous le Lit and

The LBD has become a simple and timeless piece for women everywhere. For college students, the LBD can be worn to class, an interview, work and then out on the town. Its versatility allows for innumerable ways to accessorize and dress up or down. Style the LBD with a pair of bright heels, colored nails or even a scarf for a seasonal effect. has the perfect clutch or tote for any occasion with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. A handbag is essential for a Fashionista when going to an event, especially one that is small and accessible.

Fashion-forward blazers like her striped one are great for special occasions and can be easily slipped on and off depending on the weather and setting. Shoe choice is important as well; you don’t want a shoe that is going to leave your feet screaming in pain by the end of the night. Instead, choose a comfortable heel like these from Michael Kors that are both bearable and fashionable. 

This Fashionista chose to present herself in an assertive manner. When going to an important event, how one dresses tells a lot about who they are. This Fashionista is confident, stylish and ready to mingle with those in the Denver fashion community in a fabulous outfit for a great night full of trends, beauty and fun.

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