Welcome back to school my fellow Fashionistas/os! The start of the spring semester means it is time to go back to classes, eat not-so-gourmet food, and make frequent Starbucks runs. So, get rid of your back-to-school blues by adding statement flats to your wardrobe! It is an easy way to brighten your return to class and impress your new classmates with your stylish self.

Today's Fashionista effortlessly incorporates her stylish flats into her outfit. The glittery shoes add interest to an otherwise basic ensemble. Her blazer, sweater, and jeans are pieces that should already be in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. By styling the outfit with a pair of sparkly shoes, she makes the ensemble trendy and chic. Glitter-covered shoes, like this Fashionista’s, are an easy way to liven up your back-to-school wardrobe and make the beginning of the semester a little more fun. Just make sure to keep the rest of the ensemble relatively simple, so that the final look is not too busy and disconnected.

Throw on a pair of multi-colored glitter flats with any basic outfit to add some bling to your ensemble. These gold glitter flats with black bows on the front will add fun interest to any outfit. You can also count on a pair of ballet flats that are smothered in studs to stand out on Commonwealth Ave. A pair with oversized floral details will add appeal to an outfit and make it instantly trendy. Another option is to try wearing a pair of flats in this season’s popular animal print to draw attention. Throwing on a pair of stylish and bold flats is an easy, comfortable, and fresh way to update your wardrobe and make your back-to-school wardrobe a little more exciting.

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