STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Statement Sans Scarf

As the temperatures rise and snow subsides, your surplus of scarves is likely on holiday. The go-to accessory for indoors and out has served its time, leaving College Fashionistas bare-necked and bent upon finding a new seasonal accessory. Introducing this season’s scarf substitute: the statement necklace.

This week’s Fashionista is bold without the bulk, donning a bead-embellished statement necklace in lieu of the standard scarf. Blushing up a basic outfit, the rosy palette of this Fashionista’s accessory provides a pop of color amongst the neutral combinations of beige and black. She creates a focal point with the click of a clasp by complementing her vibrant centerpiece with monotone basics and muted hues. Dressing up classic denim and a draping tee, this Fashionista buttons up business casual with a tailored blazer and coordinating boots, making this look perfect for not only the shift from snow to spring but the day-to-night transition as well. Resisting the temptation of the trusty scarf, this Fashionista certainly decorates her look with delicacy.

 To slip on this season’s statement necklaces, check out Banana Republic and Anthropologie.

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