STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stay Bold with a Printed Skirt

Digital prints, floral prints, tie-dye prints, nothing says “WOW” like a bold printed skirt. Whenever I try to incorporate a little something extra to my wardrobe, I find skirts are the perfect way to add some zing to an outfit. They’re a little different then your typical printed shirts. You can usually come across different printed tops, but when you discover a unique, fun, printed skirt, you know it’s a find.

This Fashionista wears a colorful, floral skirt paired with a white button-up. The white top let’s the skirt stand out and creates a sense of casualness, while still maintaining a fashion-forward look. Try a skirt like this or a knee-length skirt such as this to portray the relaxing and exciting prints these skirts have to offer. These skirts can capture a minimalist look, or can be dressed up to create a striking evening ensemble. For a budget friendly, yet imaginative print, try this metallic floral for an attention-grabbing skirt.

In addition, the key to these gorgeous pieces is knowing how to play up the print. Nowadays, it is common to mix and match prints. So with one print on your skirt, you can wear another striking print on your top. Plaid with floral, floral with stripe, it does not seem to matter these days. You can also stick to keeping it simple, and wear a solid-colored top to highlight the bold print on your skirt. Whatever the decision, these skirts, full of character, leaves you with plenty of outfits to portray your own individuality.

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