As I mentioned in my Style Bio, I believe that confidence is the most important accessory a Fashionista can tout. Sometimes it takes more guts to not wear a trend than it does to actually succumb to them. This Fashionista divulged to me that she never shops in big name stores; instead she ops for vintage stores. Her favorite in the city is Screaming Mimi’s. I immediately took notice of this Fashionista because of her non-traditional white sunglasses. Instead of rocking a traditional yet modern shape like the aviator or wayfarer, she wears what I see as an updated pair of 50’s shades. The contrast between her spunky white frames and flaming red bob was eye catching. I adore her dress with its delicate floral design and loose ruffle top. This Fashionista told me that she admired the fashion from decades past. Her cute purse is a nod to the times when people got dressed up simply to take a stroll through the park. I must say that I myself have fallen victim to the trend of wearing oversized bags at all times. Seeing this Fashionista with this delicate purse was a refreshing reminder that a small purse can not only be more comfortable than a large bag but also just as cute. 

Hint: Don’t shy away from wearing a piece you love even if you think it is off trend. Wearing quirky pieces will set you apart and make you look totally unique. Fashion is about taking risks, and if you love what your wearing, chances are others will too!

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