STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stay Warm With Earmuffs

In the brutal Boston snow, every Fashionista knows that anything to take the edge off of the cold is more than welcome. While we have all discovered the beauty of fluffy scarves and thick socks, a less utilized cold-weather accessory is just as helpful. Earmuffs are one of the best ways to stay warm while trekking through the wind and snow.

This Fashionista knows how painful life can be without a warm and fuzzy pair of earmuffs. Her black fur ones are classic and easy to throw on with any outfit before going outside to brave the elements. They also make use of this season’s fur trend in a way that is simple and effortless. Because of the color and style, she will be able to use them throughout this season and in future winters, regardless of changes in trends. She certainly defies any notions that earmuffs look dorky.

To get practical in a stylish way, like our Fashionista, get a pair of your own earmuffs. For a simple option, try a pair of solid cable knit earmuffs. Another basic choice is one with fur, like our Fashionista’s. While a black pair will give you the same look, a brown or white version can add color to your outfit. There are also patterned choices, like cable knit striped ones. Or, for a more personalized look, you can try a leopard print pair. To add an edgy detail to your look, you can don Michael Kors’ studded version, which will easily make any outfit trendy. Just by adding this one accessory, you can easily save yourself a world of discomfort during the harsh Boston winter.

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