One trend that is hated by some, and loved by many for spring 2012 is the cropped top. While our uniformed peers may think this look is a tad “risqué” and self-absorbed, I’m here to prove them otherwise. Cropped tops are all the rage this season, as seen on catwalks such as Dolce&Gabbana, and the hype they created isn’t ceasing any time soon. One added bonus of this tiny, stomach showing trend is that it can be styled in a multitude of ways.

Cropped tops come in a wide variety of styles. Whether it’s a short studded bustier, a tribal halter or a tie-dye T-shirt, you don’t have to be a genius to know this trend is on fire right now. One chic and simple way to wear a cropped top is with a fitted bodycon skirt, like the Fashionista featured shows us. This style is easy to accomplish because body-con skirts tend to hit above our natural waistline so that you’re not showing too much skin. If you’re wearing a skirt that comes up extra high on your midriff then wearing a cropped top like this amazing ASOS piece will be ideal for your look. With the cinched detailing on the middle of the top, it gives your stomach a longer, leaner appearance. Not only does wearing a shirt give some added shape to your already hot silhouette, but also it can dress up your cropped top for a more glamorous “night on the town” feel.  If you’re the type of girl who would pants over a skirt any day, then cigarette style pants are the ones you should pair with your cropped top. Like this fabulous Forever 21 pair, cigarette pants aren’t too tight or fitted, but they elongate your legs and their high waistline is ideal for a cropped top. If you’re wearing patterned cigarette pants, pairing them with a solid colored cropped top like this bombshell ModCloth piece will have you looking on-trend and outrageously gorgeous.

One thing that we must remember when wearing a cropped top is that we have to pair it with a bottom that hits at just the right spot. If you wear a cropped top with low-rise jeans, you’re just asking for a ticket from the fashion police. Cropped tops are specifically designed to be worn with items that come up above your hips. If you want to test this trend, try on your ensemble and then check if we can see your belly button. If so, your pants or skirt need to come up a little higher. Make sure that your look is tasteful and subtle. A cropped top is definitely a trend you want to try… but let’s leave the belly buttons for the beach.

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