Walking around campus women and the fashionable men cannot deny the looks they give as they turn their heads on an oncoming outfit. We all have the signature pout, ponder, and slightly judgmental look that envelops our faces as we come across someone looking completely fabulous (and in many cases the complete opposite). The natural reaction of the stare down is commonly infused with chic envy. One of the masters that commonly give this effect is the ultimate pair of shoes.

Footwear as we know is the cherry on top to many ensembles because accessories are a sense of personal definition. It’s a form of self expression and very much its own language. This Fashionista strutted her way through the courtyard with her sublime Acne wedges in a sweater tunic, black leather Longchamp handbag, and precious gems. In a way the perfect canvas to highlight the simplicity of luxurious quality. If we were to imagine ourselves walking in her shoes there is a steadfast sense of modern glamour, futuristic appeal, and the perfect amount of downtown sex appeal. The shoes speak for themselves.

On another adjacent note it’s fantastic to see pieces that aren’t so conventional…literally stepping away from the ordinary heel, flat, or boot. Strappy sandals are a great platform to create a bold look with lots of character. They can easily transition from day to night from skinny denim with chunky sweaters to midnight blazers and bandage dresses. Even go seasonless by wearing a pair that can beat the heat or even layer with some funky socks. Go for a pair that is hard edge, jet black, and full of texture.

Fashion can be a bumpy ride, especially with a crowd, so get strapped on and go full throttle.

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