Being located in the lovely San Diego suburb of La Jolla, we students don’t exactly have a solid street scene at our fingertips. But venture anywhere south or east or southeast of UC San Diego and watch the skyline transform before your windshield – and get ready for an enriching experience of street style.

I interrupted this Fashionista while she was walking around campus absorbed under a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for a CollegeFashionista photo shoot: she’s embracing the colder weather in lots of layers inspired by an urban scene. Skinny jeans and sneakers paired with a puffy, multicolored jacket and a torn graphic T-shirt definitely calls for a little bit of extra credit for her down-to-earth style.

A simple way to ease into this style is with a strong, statement-making jacket – and it'll keep you warm too! So grab a multifunctional jacket for the upcoming winter season: Metropark’s Obey Jealous Lover Jacket in Grey looks great with bright denim on bottom, and even Old Navy has warm faux-fur hoodies that will brighten up a bleak day. Wear some classic Converse All-Stars or black combat boots with warm jeans or leggings, and you're all set for the street – of UCSD, that is.

Hint: Trade in those boring white iPod ear buds for a bolder over-ear pair of headphones as an accessory! Check them out in cool designs like wood and candy, or go old school with the Control Headphones by Eskuche, available at Urban Outfitters. Plus, SkullCandy coats your ears in crazy colors while still delivering the great beats!

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