Hands down, my favorite pattern is stripes. There is something to be said for a pattern whose simple horizontal lines can add such a classic, preppy and tailored look to an outfit. Yet, also can be reworked to appeal to a more urban look, depending on the color, dimensions, and style of the piece in which they are being displayed. With so many variations of stripes out there right now at almost every type of store for every type of budget, it is easy to find yourself buying more than one piece with their incorporation. 

This Fashionista makes a statement by doing just this. She fuses more than one striped item by collaborating with two pieces, a tee shirt and a cardigan. She appropriately chooses to leave her skirt a neutral color to not take away from the top portion of her outfit. I love the pairing for it takes away from an otherwise overly-nautical look without the incorporation of the cardigan, yet is subtle enough to not look like a full on striped jumpsuit. I love Ted Baker's Long Sleeve Stripe Cardigan with Pookie and Sebastian's Multi Stripe Loose Fit Tee. Paired with a quintessential go to American Apparel Interlock Mini Skirt , the look is refined and polished with a hipster edge. 

Hint: Since stripes are so versatile, play around with what you pair them with. I love a fitted basic striped tanktop with a great pair of Harem pants, quite like Patrizia Pepe's Sequin Harem Cropped Trousers. Paired with a blazer, you are ready for a night on the town. 

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