Men's fashion has never been interesting for me. In my opinion, men's fashion has always been bland and, frankly, boring. Don't get me wrong, most of my favorite fashion designers are men and I beleive that men have the capability of dressing stylish and creatively. With this said, I believe the problem lies in how men aren't brave enough to test the waters and take risks when it comes to what they wear. This is why I was surprised to see this CollegeFashionisto wearing a white tee, khaki pants, black Sanuk Shunami surfers and, of course, his outerwear. What made his outfit interesting was his purple, gray and blue striped cardigan he bought from Bangkok. There are two great things about his cardigan. First, cardigans are the best piece of clothing for this fall's bipolar weather (yes, for both men and women); they are not too thin for those hot days and not too thick for the windy or rainy ones. Second, stripes are a man's best friend because they are simple to pull-off, yet make a graphic and bold statement.

Not convinced that this CollegeFashionisto and his look got an A+ in style? Maybe GQ's most stylish men of 2009 and 2010 could push you to try this fashion staple for men. Lebron James in his own Paul Smith gray with pink stripes cardigan, Ryan Gosling in a light-shaded nude Ferragamo cardigan with gray and peach stripes, T.I. in a Burberry multi-shade gray stripes cardigan, Kanye West in a graphic black and white stried cardigan and Justin Timberlake in a sexy, cool white cardigan with thin multi-color stripes of blue. Remember, stripes plus cardigan equals CollegeFashionisto!

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