STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Striped Pants, Sleek Look

This Fashionisto is showing off his more professional fashion side and I really like how his outift is put together. His pants are gray with white stripes and his black button up dress is a great color match to make it look very sleek.Your belt should usually match your shoes, so instead of springing for a different colored belt, this Fashionisto decided to go with a black belt to stick with his black and grey colored attire.

The dress pants that the Fashionisto chose to wear were purchased at Express and they also come in white, black and khaki. You could really put any color of shirt with the pants because gray is a very neutral color that you can match easily. However, black is probably my favorite because it looks so professional and the two colors really complement each other. The button up shirt that the Fashionisto was wearing, he purchased from The Buckle and there are numerous other button up designs and colors available in the store.

Another thing that stood out to me, was the Fashionisto's accessory that he chose to wear along with the outfit. He has a very sleek, professional attire going on and then he is wearing a silver watch on his wrist. The watch stood out to me because it was a classy dress watch that complemented the outift in just the right  way. Without the watch, the outfit would still look good, but I think it just gives it that extra sleek look. Not to mention how chic this Fashionisto's decision was to roll his shirt sleeves up. With the sleeves rolled all the way down, it gives it more of a conservative look but when they are rolled up, it gives the outfit a little more of an edge and it's a cooler look to wear for a long sleeved shirt in the summer.

Hint: Want to create a more sleek look for yourself? Check out Macys!

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