During spring you can always expect bright colors and floral prints to be the hot trends around campus, but this year the hottest trend that overcomes them all is stripes. Just take a look at Prada’s spring/summer fashion show and you will see that stripes are definitely the pattern of the season. I am not talking about the standard stripes you see everyday. There will be stripes in every direction and size. This Fashionista displayed the style of bold and thick horizontal stripes. Bold stripes, like hers, are great for mixing bright colors together or, just like she did, adding a spunky splash of blue to her outfit.

Other styles stripes offer are the retrograde stripes, which are gradated stripes that are perfect for bright colors to pull of the ‘70s vintage-look. If color isn’t your thing, skinny black stripes are always great for nighttime occasions and are a good choice if you want to go for a mod-look or even a pirate feel. Sporty stripes have recently become a major trend amongst designers and celebrities. Hailee Steinfeld, breakout star from “True Grit”, was praised for her sportif stripped Prada gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

If your one of those stripe skeptics who avoids this pattern because you think they make you look wider, simply go the other direction. Vertical stripes can actually make you look longer and leaner. So be on the look out for summer dress with vertical stripes.

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