STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Student Style Statements

Fashion is constantly being used to make statements: personal, political, social and more. The statement can be as complex or simple as the wearer desires. Some Fashionistas layer up on pieces – each one adding a point of interest and an element to the overall message. Other Fashionistas, like today’s, keep their memos simple, straight forward and to the point.

Graphic tees decorated with declarations are doing anything but losing popularity these days. If you haven’t found one yet that screams your own style as well as your own perspective, I encourage you to shop around for one! Today’s Fashionista is spreading peace with her tee. Not only do I love the simple, oversized graphic because it’s a clever option to the textual peace symbol, but I also love that a fellow student – a friend of the Fashionista’s – designed it. I actually ran into him – James Barret – the next night at a campus fashion show selling his shirts. I love his statement regarding his fashionable messages: “I like my art on shirts; they don’t hang on a wall all day, they travel the world.” He just launched his website,, so go support this student entrepreneur, purchase a T-shirt and spread the peace!

The right supporting cast for your statement tee can vary. You can choose the ever-trustworthy jeans, a skirt or maybe leggings, but how about some cool trousers instead? Today’s Fashionista found the perfect complement to her tee (which she did a little DIY to, altering the neckline to add a little style). Her loose-fit, tie-waist black trousers are a solid accent to the tee, but still modern and cool, especially with the peg-leg cut. Recreate this look, maybe even in another color, with these harem pants from Victoria’s Secret.

Simple ballet flats complete almost any look. Today’s Fashionista added a splash of color with her pale teal slippers. Search through Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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