Summer nights out can require anything from date-night dresses to cookout cutoffs, but no matter where the evening takes you, androgynous accessories can cover all of your garb ground this season; this week’s can’t-do without? Studs (on your apparel, that is). This Fashionista exemplifies edge and effortlessness with casual cutoffs and stylish studs. Perfect for an easygoing evening or a city street stroll, this Fashionista’s look is perfect for making the day-to-night transition into trendiness.

Whether wrapped about a silky smock or lining your strappy sandals, studs are successfully offsetting feminine pieces on campuses everywhere. Androgynous accessories not only offer a balance of feminine and masculine fixings, but they also provide the perfect pieces to set your panache apart. Creating conspicuous confidence as well as stylish sophistication, androgynous apparel for females is now pushing populous male pieces into the female closet, all the while making it marvelous. So if you’re seeking out some final flair for your midsummer evenings, don’t be afraid to snag the studs and borrow the button-downs from his closet, Fashionistas, because whether his or her’s, they’re must-haves for all your dates after dusk.

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