STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style Wizard in the Blizzard

A blizzard has stormed Chicago! Class was canceled for about a week, streets have been filled with over 20 inches of snow, and everyone has been inside staying warm and hiding from the 50mph winds we have been struck with. In these hectic conditions, students haven't been able to sport their cute school outfits. Fortunately for me, I was brave enough to go out there in the snow, with all but a camera and scarf, to find a fashionable soul out there. Here we have Connor, one of the many brave souls who decided to stomp out the weather with those hot combat boots, and put on his best.

He is wearing not just any black coat, but a uniquely detailed Richard Chai coat. Yes, it is just solid and black and looks like any standard coat, but if you look closely there is much more. Chai designed it with some nice black buttons to give it that classy, peacoat look. There is also a way you can wear it with a zipper, turning it into a biker jacket. In addition to that, you can pop up the collar, making it the ultimate designer look. It was such a relief finding someone on the street that wasn't bundled up so much that I couldn't see anything underneath. Sundays are days where we spend time catching up with work, lounging in our sweats, and eating sweets. Superbowl Sunday is no different. But this Fashionisto knew how to pull himself together even on game day, and he scored big.

With winter halfway through, my advice to you is not to get a new designer coat, but to find details on garments. I'm not saying floral patterns, ripped up tights, or see-through sweaters, but buttons, zippers, layers, and colors. A store that does a great job of doing this would be Anthropologie. Their garments are fresh and are made with sprightly colors, making it fun and fashionable. Not part of your college budget? No big deal, you can find plenty of detailed garments, especially with this spring's '70s-inspired lookks.

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