STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stylish Simplicity

It was another one of those days … The bright sunshine glaring through my window and beaming down on my face woke me up nice and early, and quite frankly, I was excited for a gorgeous spring day. Much to my dismay, it was only a high of 40 degrees.

The cold temperatures aren't an excuse to pile on the sweatpants and UGG boots, and this Fashionista knows that. Her look was crisp and clean: the pieces she used were perfect for the simplicity of the look. She sported a long gold chain with a turquoise stone as the perfect pop of color. All this Fashionista would need is a pair of classic Wayfarers or a funky headband to add an edge to the look. To transform this combination into a warmer-weather outfit, she could lose the tights and coat and substitute the boots for some strappy sandals.

Bright colors and floral prints can get overwhelming sometimes. Even though it's April, don't be afraid to test out one of fall's upcoming trends during the colder days. After all, we do live in the Midwest, where the weather is oftentimes unpredictable and irrelevant to the season. Monochromatic color palettes are always in on the days you'd rather blend in than stand out. And remember, there's plenty of springtime pieces designed to keep you warm, such as turbans and lightweight scarves. 

Two of my favorite places to get simple year-round pieces are Forever 21's Fabulous Finds and the notable American Apparel

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