I think every girl has at least a handful of love for edginess in her heart. Whether it’s the preppy girl who loves her Brooks Brothers sweater or the saucy girl who loves a Hervé Léger bodycon dress, there always seems to be a little hint of edgy in their style. When I think of edgy, I think of rock and roll, leather, zippers and studs. Unfortunately, when some Fashionistas think of edgy, they think of Gene Simmons (circa the 1975 “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” music video). Though that is indeed some form of edginess, that is not the one to which I am referring. I’m talking about Miley Cyrus with her new haircut—a fabulous addition to your style that makes you stick out in the best of ways.

I spotted this gorgeous Fashionista on the way to her chemistry class one afternoon on Foggy Bottom. She is sporting a blue blouse with a fantastically edgy studded collar, a pair of dark wash jeans, a chunky cardigan and a pair of combat boots. What I love about this Fashionista’s look is how her hits of edge are subtle but not unnoticeable. Studded and detailed collared shirts are one of the latest fashion trends that can be commonly found from your favorite designers. Additionally, the combat boots add a military-chic aspect to this look; always a great option when it comes to edgy shoes.

Studs are a fantastic way to add edginess, like this Fashionista did on her blouse collar. Other suggestions when it comes to studs is to go for a studded shoe or handbag—accessories are great at helping to define the essence of your look! But, if studs aren’t your thing, try adding in some zippers or leather. Leather jackets will put some edge in any look and a bag with zippers all over it is very posh. Regardless of how you do it, every girl should spice up their outfit with some edge every once and a while in order to create an eyebrow-raising look.

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