Winter is a time of layers, thick fabrics and dark colors. As someone who loves feeling warm and cozy, winter clothes are always a great comfort. But with winter clothes comes a lack of color selection. Have you ever noticed that it’s almost impossible to find a great, bold color during the winter? I have found myself in this predicament multiple times. Some would argue that it is partially due to the fact that some colors are designated solely for spring and summer, like bright yellow and magenta. But there are also plenty of colors available to add to an outfit in order to create some colorful and subtle accents.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way back from a group presentation one chilly, Friday afternoon. She’s sporting a black coat, cream silk blouse, dark teal cords and cap-toe flats. Additionally, she is accenting her outfit with bright coral jewelry. Although coral is not a deemed winter color, I loved the idea of spicing up her outfit with little hints of color. From far away, this Fashionista looks as though she falls into the category of traditional winter chic. But when you look closer, you can notice the subtle color accents in her earrings and ring that create a unique twist on her look.

I love this outfit. A black coat is a stable and necessary object in any cold-weathered area. It can be dressed up or made more casual depending on what it is paired with. Also, I think that cords are a great piece to have in your closet. They're an alternative to jeans and are equally as practical. When it comes to shoes, a great pair of flats are great to wear while you can in the winter—they’re cute, easy to wear and sensible. The jewelry worn with this outfit is the most wonderful part. I love the coral accents. When it comes to subtle jewelry accents, you can use colorful jewelry or something with a little bit more sparkle. Either way, a subtle accent through jewelry is by far the best way to add a unique twist to your standard everyday outfit this winter.

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