So, on a beautiful, abnormaly warm day in Boston, how are you supposed to outshine the sun without it being overkill? This Fashionista accomplishes that subtle shine perfectly by adding a sequin vest to her cute fall look. As she walks past the George Sherman Union the sun catches the sequins and makes this Fashionista especially noticeable.

It's also nice to see a person who stands out with out being overly sequined as people usually are. This small amount of sequins is controlled and approporiate for a day at school and could easily be transitioned into a night outfit with some heels.

Where can you find effortless shine? H&M is a great place to get sequined pieces but unfortunantly (not really) you'll have to visit the large store on Newbury to get that fix. Otherwise, you can find expensive sequins at Forever 21, such as this skirt or this dress. For a more subtle look Urban Outiftters offers this headband and for a more bright lit look this jacket.

Hint: Don't do too much. Unless your Halloween costume is a full sequin jumpsuit it's not going to work. This, even though sold out, is sequins gone wrong.

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