STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Suit Up For Your Summer Internship

As BU’s fabulous Fashionistas are beginning their equally fabulous summer internships and jobs, its time to start putting together your office style. It’s important to dress for the warm weather (that is hopefully coming soon) without loosing your professionalism. My favorite way to do this is by wearing a cool suit.

This week’s Fashionista managed to pull together the perfect suit look. Her black short—blazer combination makes her look chic and trendy while making her look professional and ready to work. She spices up her black suit ensemble with a cute polka dot top that keeps the look fun and fresh.

To get a look like today's Fashionista, there are a few rules to remember. First: keep your shorts at an appropriate length; too short is not professional. Second: pair your outfit with a cute pair of nude flats so that you will be able to run around the office with ease. And Third: keep your office environment in mind; see how casual your office is to judge how fun your outfit can be. A nice black combination, or a crisp white suit, is a classic way to wear the trend, like the featured Fashionista.

You can also play with your options by wearing a pair of colored or metallic shorts, or trying a bright or patterned blazer. Make sure to get a few different options that will allow you to mix and match pieces to double your ensembles. Once you have your wardrobe put together, you will be ready for internship success (even if it just requires getting coffee and cleaning the office)!

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