In Manila, there are only two types of weather — sunny or rainy. For some, the lack of the other seasons limits fashion creativity and, in turn, the fashion industry. Trench coats, boots and scarves are just some of the sacrifices the Philippine Fashionistas face everyday.

With this said, of course when there are negatives, there are also positives. The greatest advantage of enjoying just two seasons is that one can wear color everyday. Because with the constant heat of our climate, summer lingers all year round. This gives Philippine CollegeFashionistas an excuse to wear floral pieces, summer dresses, Daisy Dukes and almost any summer staple, like this colorful dress this CollegeFashionista is wearing. With her fair and light skin, the color of her dress pops out and is eye-catching with no effort at all. Aside from her bright dress, her smile and down to Earth personality also draws you in and make you wonder if a dress as colorful as that could brighten your spirit unconsiously. With a bright and busy dress, this CollegeFashionista was smart to pair it only with tan sandals and her beautiful smile because additions of accessories could seem like a cry for attention.

For those of you who have forgotten the wonders of last summer, get inspired by the sun, the flowers and the colors once again, like this Fashionista, by looking through some old pegs of fashion inspiration from last spring/summer — Furla candy bags, Mara Hoffman's swimwear,  Rodarte summer dress, and D&G spring/summer ad campaign.

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