STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep Summer Pieces for Transitional Wear

As summer slowly comes to an end, it’s hard for many Fashionistas to let go of their summer wardrobe. Inspired by her recent trip to Beruit, Lebanon, this Fashionista was wearing amazing linen pants. For this week’s post we will focus on back to school style. I advise all Fashionistas to keep a few of their bottoms from summer 2010. Whether your staple summer bottom wear was denim cutoff shorts, silk/linen pants or a long flowly skirt – Keep it! You can easily transition into fall attire by simply adding a sweater, boots, or scarf to create a warmer autumn ensemble. Leaving a huge window open in how to accessorize your new fall outfits. Try experimenting with combat boots and statement cardigans.

Hint: If you are really into recent Fall 2010 runway trends but are afraid to give it a try – this is your moment! Regardless of what your fantasy fall trend is go ahead and give it a try! Trying a new trend with a look you are already comfortable with is easier and will allow you to release your inner Fashionista for the new school year. 


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