For the majority of college kids, summer means one thing: freedom! Finally done with classes, we are free to do whatever it is our hearts may desire. However, for some of us, summer means the opportunity to hang around campus and get a few more credits under our belts without the stresses that occur during the regular school year.

I caught this fashionista running, literally running, to her summer class. I could tell she was in a rush, but I had to stop her! Her outfit was so inspiring and so representative of this in-between work and play trend I have been noticing on Columbia’s campus recently. I think the key word here is versatility. Living in New York City, you never know what kind of event or opportunity you could run into at any given time. You and your outfit have to be ready to take on anything! Therefore, your ensemble has to be conducive to a class environment one minute, and then be able to adapt to going out downtown the next!

This fashionista’s outfit is the epitome of sophisticated versatility! What struck me the most about this ensemble was the unexpectedness of it. I would never think to pair a standard sweater with a sheer maxi skirt and stilettos. However, this fashionista pulls off the style effortlessly and flawlessly, and I definitely think it is one for all of you summer students to try out. To mimic her look, check out the sweaters at J.Crew and also the sheer maxi skirts at Urban Outfitters.

The accessories also add a lot to this outfit. First, her shades are a must for the New York summers. When the bright sunlight is reflected from buildings, a sturdy yet stylish pair of shades is an absolute must. This fashionista is wearing Ray-Ban, a brand of glasses I highly recommend not only because they are polarized and great for your eyesight, but also because they won’t break if your drop them in your purse without the case. Second, instead of throwing her laptop into her backpack with the rest of her books, she opted for a Louis Vuitton handbag that adds a level of sophistication to the outfit and truly ties it all together.

This fashionista definitely knows a thing or two about “Summer School Chic.” Think about it; she can stroll into her summer class and dominate any discussion or presentation, and then immediately after class she can simply take off the sweater, throw on a tank top or crop top, and she is ready to hit the town. Now if that’s not summer versatility, I don’t know what is!

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