STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Summertime and The Living’s Breezy

Exams are finally over and the weather has been just about parfait – skies are blue, birds are chirping and the whole city is drinking and relaxing at outdoor cafes. Life couldn't possibly get better in Paris. The weather is really suitable for just about any kind of outfit; this Fashionista stood out by wearing her trench coat as a sort of dress, buttoned just once, sleeves rolled with that certain je ne sais quoi, (yes, I said it) as is typical of every chic french fashionista here in the City of Lights. Her light floral shirt peeps out from under her coat and she added just the right amount of dark accessories to balance out the ensemble in three key areas: her feet, her wrist, and her face. Although the weather is sunny and hot it's not just about putting on a pair of jean shorts or jersey summer dress and heading out the door. In Paris, the fashion capital, every outfit looks as if it's been chosen with care yet not taken too seriously.

This Fashionista looks sophisticated but at the same time she keeps her look youthful and light. The beige and blues from her blouse are fresh and cheerful while her darker accessories keep her grounded and elegant with a touch of cool. 

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