As temperatures rise, options can become slim for men’s apparel. Without the luxury of breezy dresses and short skirts, men are often caught in the catch-22 of stuffy slacks or stifling denim, particularly for formal occasions. However, a new menswear trend has opened doors and raised hems this season. Follow the example of this Fashionisto and slip on this season’s slim-fit short.

This week’s Fashionisto mixes casual cotton with the sophisticated silhouette of slim-fit denim. A just-above-the-knee cuff combined with a flattering cut transforms the slouch of typical jean shorts into a wearable style for every occasion. Available in every day denim or more formal fabrics, the slim-fit short is the perfect slacks-substitute for warm-weather days. Pair with a classic button-down and patent leather loafers, or dress them down with a T-shirt and desert boots like this Fashionisto. For shorts of all shades and fabrics, check out Topman. Whatever the event, the slim-fit short is a please-all pant for this season. 

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