80 degree weather in October while pleasant could be confusing from a fashion standpoint. Just last week I was writing about oversized cardigans while today’s Fashionista is holding on to her summer wardrobe as she sports a nautical inspired mini dress with suede ballet flats.

This fall, suede footwear is the way to go as this fragile fabric on shoes is always an elegant statement or a classic standard. For those Fashionistos whose priority is maximum use, take my word for it, that suede shoes will get you through almost any occasion. These Ferragamo loafers are casual enough for class and weekend events but still suitable for business casual or professional dress. 

In addition, nothing says fall footwear more so than suede booties, flats or Mary Jane pumps for Fashionistas, especially when in fall hues. J. Crew has the Cece ballerina flats in an arsenal of colors but the one I feel most strongly about is the sapphire. It is an extremely rich color that would stand out on the crummiest of fall and winter days. Furthermore, I never imagined that the Mary Jane pump would be my style but then I saw this pair in the plum color in the store window. Matching your lipstick to your nail polish is a fun statement but matching your lisptick to your shoes could be an interesting twist. For the plum Mary Jane pumps, I suggest MAC’s Up the Amp lipstick. Experiment with being matchy but do not match everything, match your nails and your lip color or your lip color and your shoes, stick to either and run with it.

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