Strutting the city sidewalks on foot can become quite uncomfortable, particularly during the sticky summer months. Your gorgeous gladiators and fabulous flats no longer feel so fabulous after a day’s walk downtown. However, this week’s style advice introduces a sneaky way to stay practical on your feet.

This week’s Fashionista pairs sport with sundress by combining all-black high-tops with trendy summer classics. Her floral frock and cropped denim jacket paint a feminine picture, while her edgy footwear creates the ultimate juxtaposition. Her boyish addition to an otherwise refined look not only adds character to the outfit but also earns points for practicality.

Sneakers are often the perfect complement to feminine pieces like skirts, dresses, and blouses. Try pairing high-tops with higher hems like this Fashionista, or pair low-tops with cropped trousers for a minimalist look. For flashier fashions, try a patent leather style or a buckle-embellished version.

To sneak into this summer trend as smoothly as this Fashionista, check out  Superga and Keds.

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