When it comes to fashion, supersizing is much more than a jumbo-sized combo meal. Oversized tops, dresses and even jeans are all the rage these days. The idea of a loose top may seem daunting to some for fear that they might look swallowed in fabric, however these types of clothing items, when fitting properly, look relaxed and effortless and are a refreshing contrast to all things tight and short.

This week’s Fashionista wears a gorgeous navy blue, striped top that floats nicely over her gray cropped denim jeans. The extra-large dolman sleeve makes for dramatic volume in the top without drowning her petite frame. The slim fit on her jeans is awesome and keeps the ensemble well balanced. Also, she does a great job at styling the look by throwing her hair back in an easy pony tail and accessorizing minimally, only wearing a watch and sunglasses.

Finding oversized clothing items are virtually everywhere these days. Much like the featured Fashionista, I love the idea of a voluminous sleeve. The striped box sweater from Nasty Gal is perfect for experimenting with supersized clothing. Try layering it over your favorite pair of leggings to accentuate the size of the top. For those who are looking for an oversized dress, I am head over heels for this watercolor dress by Something Else – it’s flawless for a fabulous night out!

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